Radio Feed

UpstateFire is now proud to sponsor a live radio feed for To visit the live feed page on, click here.

This radio feed provides the following channels from Greenville County, South Carolina:

  • 155.23500 – Greenville County Fire Dispatch
  • 453.50000 – Greenville County Fire Dispatch & EMS TAC2
  • 462.95000 – Greenville County EMS Dispatch
  • 462.97500 – Greenville County EMS TAC1

UpstateFire promotes the provision of this radio traffic to the public. This feed is provided for the purpose of staying aware of local events. UpstateFire does not support using this feed for any of the following purposes:

  • “Stalking” or squatting on emergency events (responding to the scene).
  • Recording the dispatch audio for legal purposes.
  • Alerting emergency services workers to calls (taking the place of analog/digital paging device).

This feed is provided with the understanding that it is a delayed audio feed. Depending upon the stability of your internet connection and that of the audio server broadcasting the feed (which is not controlled by UpstateFire), your scanner audio may be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes delayed behind the actual live audio broadcast.

At this time, there are no definite plans to provide any additional audio feeds. It may be possible, in the future, for additional feeds to be added based upon the availability of scanning equipment.

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